Distribution Truck driver tips and tricks

Distribution Truck driver tips and tricks

Forgot one BIG risk, and that is not seeing behind your side mirrors! Look twice!! they block alot of view! sry if it sounds like im “nagging” lol 😆
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::::MY videos LIST:::
Driving without any Sleep -Trucker Vlog, tips & tricks. April 2017https://youtu.be/981MTQnbWYI
Connecting New Volvo FM Truck with Trailer + Driving! april 2017https://youtu.be/ey5QUKzw_mc
Trucking tips & how to, Cityhttps://youtu.be/awFJMgoGGqc
Eco Driving Tips (Truck & Trailer) Winter Deliveryhttps://youtu.be/IA1t_ydpX8w
Thailand 2017: https://youtu.be/Gwn345DHWVg
Truck and Trailer Reversing (how to, tips & tricks) https://youtu.be/iLSIwqun0YM
NEW BIKE!! Yamaha XT 660 R https://youtu.be/anlQtTAzBkY
Car + Trailer, Volvo S40 Update Driving vlog https://youtu.be/FJSjo_ejdnw
Back to cold Sweden Vlog – Driving Volvo v50https://youtu.be/T2chK8ocfnw
Awesome Safari driving in Thailandhttps://youtu.be/daUY7dw6_HY
Trip to the National Park, Koh Lanta. Scooter driving adventurehttps://youtu.be/nbI8Mzojm2k
Fast Driving (GoPro vlog) & Funny monkeys, Yamaha Soul GT 125 2016https://youtu.be/NGt-invkoX8
Scania G490 Truck + Trailer driving & Reversing / Backing up! 24m long (GoPro – Superview), Swedenhttps://youtu.be/MJ7iJwepvQM
Boat trip + Scooter Driving travel vlog! Koh Rok, Thailand. Snorkeling adventure GoPro Hero5 2017https://youtu.be/er6wjk2qeMs
Car Drive & Ferry in Thailand – Fast driving travel vlog taxi driverhttps://youtu.be/Q2PvzjFCg58
Thailand 2017 – Scooter Driving, beaches, swimming. Travel vloghttps://youtu.be/Os3cPY48PSg
Big Truck & Trailer Driving at City + reverse! How to – vlog. Uppsala Sweden driverhttps://youtu.be/GPozh1VjgWQ
Volvo S40 GoPro HERO 5 black – fps testing 60fps image stabilizationhttps://youtu.be/qG6ZdJiptDM
Best Truck + Trailer driving video ever! Advanced level, snowy / winter – Stockholm, Sweden. goprohttps://youtu.be/naM9I1tiNGo
Night driving (gopro, pov) – Volvo v50, December vlog 2016https://youtu.be/Je5XtgycPpI
Motocross Fun & Jumps, GoPro Session head helmet mount POV view first person – 2016 hero 5https://youtu.be/YJ20bm9xWH8
Scania Truck + Trailer Driver, Reversing into Port! GoPro commentary snowy Swedenhttps://youtu.be/3b0kHXvfEaE
Snow Drifting, December 2016 – Sweden, GoPro Headmount POV camera 1st person viewhttps://youtu.be/TJ14WnkwwUw
Truck + Trailer tight driving and Reversing into Port! GoPro POV commentary, vlog Scaniahttps://youtu.be/y3SoY7MBQoQ
New Scania R450 – Full Day of Work! SemiTrailer vlog https://youtu.be/0UjdJD8C-Rc
Truck + Trailer driver – A full day of work! (GoPro POV headstrap) Scania P420https://youtu.be/KlQ5PVDdPZg
Volvo FH 440 driving – Engine Sound only. Beautiful views, Stockholm City Highwayhttps://youtu.be/z0OlnPMdmdE
GoPro: Volvo FL City Truck driving – COMMENTARY / VLOG, 2016. Searching for delivery spothttps://youtu.be/RlvnoOI0T5M
New Volvo FH 500, Driving – 1st person view. 2016 https://youtu.be/dvcyxHvO60A
Volvo FH 440 – POV SemiTrailer Truck driving 21st Oct 2016 vloghttps://youtu.be/FIO9Lb4Vouw
Driving vlog (swedish trucker) 21th october 2016 – Long City Truck, Trucking. https://youtu.be/pk9SHvkeuJA
Truck + Trailer driving Vlog october 2016 – BIG 21 Pallet Volvo FM https://youtu.be/kKxar73lz9g
Trucker Vlog 20th october 2016 – BIG 21 Pallet Volvo FMhttps://youtu.be/mZ1tJSW4ntE
Yamaha R6 – POV first person view drivinghttps://youtu.be/T37vVhSFWPI
Volvo FL – Stockholm City Trucking vlog 2016https://youtu.be/RZXxizXbEiE
Truck Driving – First Person View vlog Scania P420https://youtu.be/FlI9LG9reGo
Scania P420 tips, tricks & risks commentaryhttps://youtu.be/AEtoU5R4VKw
Beautiful GoPro drive – Yamaha R6https://youtu.be/1M7uTwo7wzA
MY Funny dad driving his Saab 900https://youtu.be/bKLQ9hu4Wk0
YAMAHA FZR600, Stockholm Cityhttps://youtu.be/xe7PMOprDyc
24m long Truck + Trailer Drivinghttps://youtu.be/7HRiek9VLf0
Big City Truckinghttps://youtu.be/Q5wnLH8QpAk
Parking Truck + Trailer tips. (bonus footage)https://youtu.be/97t4WEMEzVY
Motorcross jumping + Rear Facing Camera!https://youtu.be/fw8QEMbbELA
Trucking Vlog – Trailer Parallel parking/reversing + driving to workhttps://youtu.be/3mz34idCIww
Creating my own track, motocross fun in the woods!https://youtu.be/-7n-uJiHwnw
Truck + Trailer Reversing! Scania, POV. Vlog https://youtu.be/-PZ3zmtfqS0
Truck & Trailer Delivery – Tight Reversing! POVhttps://youtu.be/NKbTJlpk3i8
Truck and Trailer Driving vlog, headstrap https://youtu.be/9vWSfHgQPaU
Motorcross jumps + small crash, GoPro SuperView!https://youtu.be/7AgAB_VHw3w
Trucking in Sweden, commentary / vlog – Volvo FH SemiTrailer driving Part 1/3, june 2016https://youtu.be/vyoGf-s_7y0
Connecting Trailer to Truck in Night Heavy Rain, commentary. headmount / headstrap.:https://youtu.be/PCyIWoSjF7s


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